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It’s a vision of a Philadelphia where your opportunities are not limited or defined by your race, ethnicity, or zip code.


Jeff Brown is the founder and previously served as Chairman, and CEO of Brown’s Super Stores, Inc., a twelve-store supermarket chain trading under the ShopRite and The Fresh Grocer supermarket brands. Jeff is a Board member and an Officer of the Wakefern Food Corporation. He also serves as Chairman of the State of Pennsylvania Workforce Development Board, as a Board Member and Treasurer of Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity, as a Member of the Pennsylvania Convention Center board, and as Chairman of the Convention Center’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.


Jeff is the former Chairman of the Philadelphia Youth Network and the founder and Chairman Emeritus of Uplift Solutions, a national nonprofit that operates a workforce system for returning citizens. Under Jeff’s leadership, Uplift Solutions has supported and trained hundreds of returning citizens and has helped them find meaningful employment. Jeff also founded and is the Chairman of the PA30 Day Fund, assisting small minority businesses with financial support. In 2010, Jeff was a guest of First Lady Michelle Obama, at President Obama’s State of the Union address, in recognition of his work advising the Obama Administration on solutions to the national “food desert” crisis. 


Jeff and his wife and business partner Sandy, who serves as Executive Vice President of Brown’s Super Stores, are the proud parents of four sons, Josh, Alex, Lenny, and Scott. Jeff is a fourth-generation grocer, and with the addition of his son Josh as the Chief Financial Officer for Brown’s Super Stores, the Brown family has begun its fifth generation as grocers in the Philadelphia region. Over its 35-year history, Brown’s Super Stores have employed more than 60,000 people, often providing individuals with their first work experience.

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